professor bodiford
Welcome to, a creation by Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer Joe Bodiford.   It is my hope to create a place on the web for offering my thoughts and teachings on Trial Advocacy.  I want to establish it as a resource for students of Trial Advocacy, wherein professors, lawyers, judges, and students can input their ideas as well.

Here, the basics of trial advocacy are discussed, such as opening statements, direct and cross, and closing arguments.  I will also discuss motions practice and those tricky preliminary matters that can decide the course of the whole trial in the minutes before it begins.  We also talk about the art of storytelling, and how understanding the art can develop your case theory into a irresistible story that the jury will embrace.  Voir dire (not to be confused with jury selection) is also a critical art that is explored here.

This site is currently not-for-profit, and no copyright claim is made to any other materials, blogs, videos, or government works.

This site was launched on March 23, 2014.  Comments and contributions are welcome.  Please send to, or use the form here.


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